Surfing The Menu – The Next Generation

Role: 2nd Camera
DOP: Jim Frater ACS
Production Company: NoMa Films PTY LTD
Producers: Alun & Marian Bartsch, Lance W Reynolds
Director: Mick de Montignie
Locations: Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales
Screened: 13 x 25min TV Episodes for SBS & ABC

Dan Churchill and Hayden Quinn are good mates. They share a love of cooking, surfing, fresh food, travel and adventure. And that’s exactly what Surfing the Menu: Next Generation is all about.
In this series, Dan and Hayden head off on an adventure around Australia in GiGi, their trusty, rusty fifty-year-old VW Bug. Along the way they meet passionate food producers – of everything from heritage tomatoes, cheese, beef, goats, mangoes and herbs, to exotic mushrooms, shrimp, rum, and salt.
The boys turn these fresh ingredients into simple, healthy and delightfully delicious recipes that will inspire.

My Involvement:
I worked as 2nd camera alongside DOP Jim Frater ACS and also as B unit.
The crew travelled for 2 months by road, starting in Perth and ending in Byron Bay.